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About 7books

7books is an independent rock trio from Germany. Influenced by various musicians like the Black Keys, the Subways and the Queens of the Stone Age. They create their own sound with the lovely view from myths and fables.
  • Avatar Julie - Bass, Vocals
  • Avatar Markus - Drums
  • Avatar Sascha - Vocals, Guitar


Plakat 7books @ Stellwerk Weimar 19.01.2019

Upcoming Shows Flower

19 Jan 2019 Stellwerk, Weimar Infos


29 Sep 2018 Cafe Wagner, Jena InfosTickets
25 August 2018 Kunstfest, Weiden
24 Mar 2018 Glashaus, Jena
17 Mar 2018 St. Patrick's Day, Irish Pub Smuggler's Weimar
02 Mar 2018 M-Pire, Jena
09 Feb 2018 Blues Fasching, Apolda
22 Okt 2017 Künstlergarten, Weimar
09 Apr 2016 Komma Rum, Erfurt
13 Feb 2016 Engelsburg, Erfurt
05 Feb 2016 JC Treff, Jena-Lobeda
22 Jan 2016 Café Nerly, Erfurt
20 Nov 2015 Stadthalle, Apolda
25 Sep 2015 Zwiebelmarkt, Apolda
02 Apr 2015 Indie-Night Kasseturm, Weimar
13 Mar 2015 Eastside, Jena
27 Feb 2015 Fritzer, Erfurt
27 Dez 2014 Mon Ami, Weimar
12 Dez 2014 Eastside, Jena
22 Nov 2014 Kasseturm, Weimar


1. Zoo Human
2. Lonesome
3. As Long As We Are Together
Love In Their Veins Love in their Veins (4:22)
Jolly Jolly (3:58)
Book Two 1. Animal Conference
2. Jolly And The Elephant
3. Young Leaf
Snow White In The Titty Twister Snow White In The Titty Twister (4:30)
Book One 1. Into The Beast's Claw
2. Pictures Of The Night
3. Dwarves Treasure


soon ...

Store 7books on Vinyl

Some of our music is available online on Spotify and Soundcloud. If you are interested in an analog version of our songs, please contact us via e-mail.

Update: We are in the studio to record a full album of all our songs. It will be available in Spring 2019! Stay tuned :)

If you are interested in a t-shirt, please write us an short e-mail or call us :)
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Some impressions from the past view years of 7books with Markus, Julie and Sascha. Thanks to all for the nice moments!